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Inspection Analyis

Conducting an organized building inspection at least once a year should be part of every building manager’s operations and maintenance program of the building enclosure to identify signs of deterioration or failure. Until a problem is observed, it can’t be fixed. 

About protec

PROTEC Vertical Solutions Ltd. has an exceptional skill base. We are member of CHOA, BCBEC and NACE. Our recruitment procedures take particular account of work ethic, safety and values, and we take the time to recruit people who share the qualities of our company culture. We are a team of unusually strong-minded people who are driven by similar values and a common work ethic specialized in Steel Coating and Concrete Repairs. Together we have a need to get it right. We recognize that it is our diversity which makes us a team. We value that we each have different strengths and skills and have the ability to use these differences and strengths in our teamwork. We believe that there is no substitute for doing it right the first time and our shared mission is Quality on Time. Our individual commitment to our Company ethos guarantees our consistently giving our best in any project we undertake.

our vision

Our vision is to build a working relationship with all our clients that inspires confidence, trust and loyalty by providing them with the highest quality service possible. Maintaining these relationships by employing the most effective methods of supervision and quality control. Helping each other to maximize our strength as a unit and maintain a positive and rewarding work environment for all staff.